Low Cost Shot Clinic Process and Details

Thank you for choosing Pet-Vet Animal Clinic for your pet’s needs! We are here to serve you! If you have any questions about the LOW COST SHOT CLINIC SALE please just give us a call at 405-733-4648.



updated 1/11/24


STEP 1: Registration

chihuahua on a great danes backTo participate in our Low Cost Shot Clinic, please fill out a registration form. Registration forms are available up front at the registers, can be downloaded online on the home page or our new scheduler Vetstoria can be used.  BEFORE YOUR VACCINES, you will bring your paperwork to the store registers to pay first and get a receipt. Please make sure all information is filled out completely and legibly on the registration form. If you don’t know for sure the age or weights, just give us your best estimate.

This year we will be offering different packages that includes vaccines, Bravecto,Sentinel Spectrum or Simparica Trio with incredible instant rebates on them. Please call or come in for more details on those. Our employees can make a custom estimate for your animal to give you a better idea of the cost.

On the registration form there is the option to get a $14 nail trim! If you would like this service please just check the box or let the ladies know when you pay!  You can get your pet’s nails trimmed in Pet-Vet Grooming Salon before or after your pet gets their vaccinations.  Be sure to save your receipt and show the nice ladies in the grooming salon your receipt to get the $14 nail trim!

On the registration form there is the option for additional vaccines. The bordetella vaccination prevents kennel cough and is highly recommended for dogs that regularly board or go to a grooming salon. It is an additional $15.

The feline leukemia vaccination is offered as an additional vaccine for cats. The benefit of this vaccination is to prevent leukemia in cats that are older than 12 weeks. This vaccine is recommended for cats that are outdoors, in multi-cat household or in an environment of unknown status. It is an additional $15.

The canine flu vaccination is offered for dogs older than 6 weeks of age as an aid in the control of disease associated with one of the canine influenza infections. This vaccine is recommended for older canines, dogs who are regularly in grooming and/or dogs who travel often. There are some boarding facilities that do require this one so if you have plans to board in the future please check with them for their requirements. The vaccine has been demonstrated to reduce the incidence and severity of lung lesions as well as the duration of coughing and viral shedding. With the many closings of the shelter this year for the upper respiratory infections, this one and bordetella are HIGHLY recommended to help reduce the spread of these viruses. It is an additional $80 which includes a booster in 2-4 weeks after the initial vaccine.

There is also options on the registration form to purchase an engraved name tag for your pet or to get intestinal dewormer which will also be on sale on this week. The dewormer is a tablet that treats tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms and goes based on weight. Please have an idea of how much your dog weighs if you are interested in purchasing this product. We will have a scale available if needed located outside on the sidewalk.


calico cat relaxingInside Pet-Vet Supply please feel free to shop around! Our flea and tick products are all Buy One Get 1 50% OFF so be sure to stock up on your favorites (excludes heartworm medicine like Sentinel Spectrum or Simparica Trio). We have lots of different options for your cat or dog inside the store, so please look around or ask one of our staff members for help and we will be there to assist you with whatever you need.

Take your registration paper (and any other goodies you have found in the store) to the registers. If you have one of our rewards cards please have it out and ready to go. If you don’t and would like one please have your driver’s license out and we will get you signed up. For more details on the loyalty card please click here. Rewards cannot be redeemed on sale items but can be acquired for future purchases.

STEP 3: Vaccinations

After paying, please take your registration paper to the line heading to the clinic. A staff member will meet you to take your registration form from you to get a rabies tag and certificate started for you. When a room opens up you will be directed to that room to get your pet vaccinated. Before you leave please make sure you have your rabies tag and certificate! Be sure to schedule any follow-up appointments or refill any prescription medication at the desk when you collect your paperwork before leaving.


Congratulations, your pet is vaccinated and ready for the world! You just saved money while keeping your pets healthy! Doesn’t that feel good?! Thank you for visiting us and please give us a call with any questions 405-733-4648!